Milly v. Stephen Smith
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MaryMary near, six, feet, high yellow likely
fellow,. his title, in present in the upper
jaw double Shipman, was much,
underage- his land was sold under exe
cution, a before he left
Kenty and also a negro, woman,was named
SarahSarah , & girl, named ElizaEliza , named
in Smiths mortgage, was sold
=confine & the execution, not, satisfied
There were, other Judgements to a large,
amount and her. One in the name, of
Mrs Cooper one in the name
of SallySally Rice one in the name, of Manner, of Geo Robertson, & the
bank, besides, others. He held three
negroes in, possession. He left the
State in only- that negro was,
keeping at the same, house, - He
left his wife, & a WillWill ,
but, not much. I have seen D.
Shipman, write,- The signature,
of DavidDavid Shipman, in the
dated 17. Oct 1826. & refused to in
JnoShipmanDeft mark A I
know is his Shff hand writing of sd,
DavidDavid , Shipman, Shipman, a
state have, before he left KentuckyKentucky,
Stated to Mr,StephenStephen Smith ,SmithStephen Smith the
Dsf, was searching, for him & that
SmithSmith , need, not, be searching,

HenryHenry Shipman