Milly v. Stephen Smith
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7 inches, high, made of thin visage,
above, claimed, has a slight, impediment, in
his speech, - BillyBilly , was about 12 or 15
years old, about 5 feet, high Black complex
scar, on his jaw, thin, face, high
forehead, head,full eyes & when he,
laughs, shows, his teeth, very
muchmorethe HusbandHusband of fully yellow about
6 feet, likely, looking his
teeth, in front,dollar or upper jaw
SarahSarah , & ElizaEliza , was, sold, under, execution,
Dav, Shipman, was much,
Execution, was in the hands, of
the officer,agehim when he went
a way - went, off - I saw
him, the, day he, stated, but he, did,
not, tell, me, he,having &, leaving,
the state - He left his wife behind,
a very old, woman with no person,
to take, care of by her or attend, her
and she was taken care, of by him
Shipman, & myself. The negroes,
above mentioned, were, in the possession,
of DavidDavid Shipman, and disappeared,
about the time, he, left her, or Shipman
DavidDavid Shipman,I oldnowhe had
mortgaged, the same negroes, with with
to the,deft,SmithSmith and
requested,now to go, to ShelbyShelby, to exclaim
whether the, mortgage, or a execution,

WilliamWilliam Gregory,