Milly v. Stephen Smith
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And afterwords To wit, at a Circuit CourtCircuit Court continued
and held at the court house in, Shelbyville,, for Shelby CountyShelby County, on Tuesday
27th, June 1826; Came as well the plff. by his atto. as
the Defendant in his own proper, person, Who by consent,
of the plff, and by leave, of the Court, Confess Judgment
for the sum of two hundred & sixty seven dollars & 50 cents
and costs,. It is therefore considered by the Court that the
plaintiff recover against the Defendant the sum of two hundred and Sixty seven dollars & 50 confessed as aforesaid
and also his cost about his suit herein expended and the
Defendant in & . and by consent, it is ordered that
notes in the Bank of the Commonwealth of KentuckyKentucky, and
its Branches shall be received in discharge of this Judgment.-


And afterwords towit on the 27th day of July 1826. the following
Execution was issued upon the foregoing judgement,
The commonwealth of KentuckyKentucky,, To the Sheriff of ShelbyShelby County
CountyShelby County Greeting: We command you that of the Estate
of DavidDavid Shipman late, of your bailiwick, you caused to
be made the sum of Two hundred & Sixty seven dollars and
fifty cents, which Levin Cooper lately, in our ShelbyShelby,
Circuit CourtCircuit Court , recovered against him for Damages also
$ 619 . which in the Same Court was adjudged to the
said Levin, Cooper for his Costs in that suit expended;
Whereof said DavidDavid Shipman, is convict, as appear to
us of record; and that you have the Same before the judge
of our said Court at the Court house in Shelbyville, on
the rule day day to be held in the Clerks Office