Milly v. Stephen Smith
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12 Shipman for many years resided in this, Shelby CountyShelby County,
and ran away from this County in the fall of the
year 1826. That previous to his said Shipmans running
away he owned a number of negroes, all of which
(except two) on the 17th day of October 1826, he mortgaged to StephenStephen Smith
SmithStephen Smith , which mortgage is now shown, to this [ affiant ],,
marked( Aλ,) and recorded in the Clerks office of the
ShelbyShelby,County CourtCircuit Court , State of KentuckyKentucky. He says he knows
the hand writing of said DavidDavid Shipman, & the mortgage
now shown, to him marked as aforesaid, is the
said DavidDavid Shipmans Signature_ after said mortgage
was Executed said Shipman told this deponant that
he had signed & acknowledged it and thereby made
his Slaves liable for the debts, for which said SmithSmith
was security for him & for the money said SmithSmith had
advanced for him & which was due, said SmithSmith
said Shipman secretly removed his negroes from this
County to avoid the debts, he owed, and the
Executions which had issued, upon Judgments against
him, I sent Executions to GallatinGallatin & I HenryHenry , Counties
for the purpoe of taking them & Caught two of the negroes,
in HenryHenry County, Sarah, & ElizaEliza both of whom
were sold under Execution_ the Judgment
was not thereby satisfied, A large balance of
several hundred dollars yet remains due,
to the Farmers & Mechanics Bank of Shelbyville;
There are other Judgments against said Shipman
in the ShelbyShelby,Circuit CourtCircuit Court unsatisfied, and
this affiant, has no hesitation, in saying that