Milly v. Stephen Smith
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13 said Shipman ran away from this County to
avoid the payment of his debts, said Shipman
left his wife here in a helpless, situation, and
this affiant advanced her money to procure, the
[ necssaries ], of life_ Said Shipman left no property
which could be found sufficient to satisfy the
Executions against him_ The negros named
in the mortgage were the slaves of said
DavidDavid Shipman_ said Shipman told this
affiant that Stephen SmithStephen Smith was his Security for a
large amount, and this affiant belives from
the Statement of said Shipman that he Shipman
had no means of [ indennifying ] said SmithSmith but,
by Selling the negroes named in the mortgage_
and further he saith

Jan. Javis