Milly v. Stephen Smith
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14 JamesJames J JJames J Whitaker, of Lawful age
being, produced, sworn & examined, on the
part, of the Defendant deposeth, & saith
That, he is, now and was on the 17 Decr 1826 the clerk, of the ShelbyShelby,CountyCircuit Court ,CourtCircuit Court ,
in the State of Kentucky_ And that as
clerk, of said court,who by law is
to & authorized, to renew
& record, mortgage_ did take
the acknowledgment of DavidDavid
Shipman to a mortgage, signed,
by said D. Shipman, on the 17 Oct 1826
mark (K) and now produced,which
on the same day (my26. Oct 1826
was after,two being, acknowledged,
by said Shipman before me left
in my office for record& is not
of record, in, my said office
DavidDavid Shipman stated to me
that the Deft,SmithSmith was bound
for the mentioned in,
the mortgage, as his security, And
that he to and certify
said SmithSmith as far as he could,
the negros mentioned in the mortgage,
are MaryMary ,MillyMilly , Billy HarryHarry
David, Sarah, &,ElizaEliza , which,
many was funded me, by,DavidDavid ,
Shipman,whoIknew than