Milly v. Stephen Smith
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8 14 WilliamWilliam S Boyde of [ Lawfull ] 17 age being produced and
Sworn and Examined on the part of the Defendant
Deposith and Saith_ that DavidDavid Shipman
Some time in the year 1826 Called on StephenStephen Smith
SmithStephen Smith to Replevy two Debts, for him the said
Shipman one in the name of Patty, Rice and
one in the name of Levin Cooper When Said
Debts was Collected amounted to Six hundred
and thirty two Dollars fifty four cents which
I collected, of Said SmithSmith as the Security also
DavidDavid Shipman, & also, Collected one other,
Execution in the name of ElijahElijah WarnerWarner , -
Amounting to thirty eight Dollars 48 Cents
of said Stephen SmithStephen Smith as Security of said Shipman,
Some short time before the above named
Executions Issued from the Clerks office of the
ShelbyShelby,Circuit CourtCircuit Court said DavidDavid Shipman,
Ran away, and took with him out of the
County all his negroes, and other property S.
that I was bound as Deputy,[ sherriff ] for
ShelbyShelby County, CountyShelby County to make the amount of
Executions out of the Security Stephen SmithStephen Smith
I have understood that the Debts of Levin, Cooper,
and Patty Rice were Debts Contracted in part
payment for the Negro Woman MilleyMilley and her, two

WilliamWilliam G, Boyde,