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WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr of M.Lewis & LorinsLorins . To Frederick BatesFrederick Bates Esqr
EsqrFrederick Bates Esqr . Recorder of Land Claims. Sir pleas to take notice that under
right derived from the French and Spanish Government and the several provisions
of CongressCongress and as assignee of JeanJean Baptiste BaptisteJean Baptiste LorinsLorins , and Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis , said
Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis assignee of Jean BaptisteJean Baptiste LorinsLorins who was asignee of PhilippePhilippe Riviere
RivierePhilippe Riviere ditBaccaneBaccane heir & legal representative of Antoine RiviereAntoine Riviere dit Baccanet
alias AntoineAntoine Baccanet Original proprietor, I claim forty arpents of land adjoining the town of S LouisS Louis as
appears by the within deeds, herewith transmitted for Record and refrence to former
Record book D page 128 & 129. S LouisS LouisNovember 26. 1812. WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr by his
agent N.P. Ledue.

Deed M. LewisM Lewis to W.C. CarrCarr . This indenture made this ninteenth day of
August one thousand eight hundred and nine by and between Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis , Esqr
of the town of S LouisS Louis and Territory of LouisianaLouisiana of the first part, and WilliamWilliam
C.CarrCarr of the same town or territory of the second part, witnesseth that the said
Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis for and in consideration of one hundred and sixty dollars to him
in land paid by the said WilliamWilliam C.CarrCarr , and of which the receipt is hereby
acknowledged hath this day sold bargained & conveyed, and by these presents doth
bargain sell and convey unto him the said WilliamWilliam C.CarrCarr , a certain tract or parcel
of land situate on the hill back of the town of S LouisS Louis, originally granted by concession
from StSt Ange AngeSt Ange & Labuxiere bearing date the tenth of January one thousand seven
hundred & seventy to AntoineAntoine Bacannet for one arpent in front by forty in depth,
adjoining on the south to the lands of the said Wm C.CarrCarr , at present, lately acquired
by him of Peter ChouteauPierre Chouteau and wife and on the north by the lot originally granted
to one Bear, which said tract of fortyarpents was acquired by Philippe
Baccane of his father as appears by a transfer endorsed on the back of the
Concession from said PhilippePhilippe Bacannet to John BaptisteJohn Baptiste LorinsLorins dated the 5 day of
May eighteen hundred and eight, and by said John BaptisteJohn Baptiste LorinsLorins and wife
Conveyed to said Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis by deed bearing date the second day of May
in the year last aforesaid - To have and to hold the said tract of forty arpents
of land unto him the said WilliamWilliam C.CarrCarr , his heirs, Executors, administrators
& assigns for ever, together with all privilages, thereunto belonging or in any wise
appertaining, and the said meriwether LewisLewis for himself, his heirs, executors and
administrators the aforesaid bargained and sold premises together with all the
privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appurtaining into him
the said WilliamWilliam C.CarrCarr , his heirs & from the claim or claims of all & every
person whomsoever will for ever warrant & by these presents defend. In testimony.

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whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal at the town of S LouisS Louis
the day and year above written MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis LewisMeriwether Lewis
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Signed, sealed and
delivered in presence of Connor -Saml. Solomon - District of S LouisS LouisSamuelSamuel
Solomon maker oath that he signed the within instrument of writing from MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis
LewisMeriwether Lewis to WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr as a witness and that not only saw JeremiahJeremiah Connor
ConnorJeremiah Connor also sign as a witness to the same but the said MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis LewisMeriwether Lewis sign
seal and deliver it as his own proper act and deed for the purposes in the same
contained. SamuelSamuel Soloman Sworn to and subscribed before me one of the justices
of the peace in and for the district of S LouisS Louis aforesaid this 27th day of February 1810. Thos. F Riddick - LouisianaLouisiana Territory, District of S LouisS Louis, Recorded
Book C Page 39, this 1 day of March 1810 = MM P Ledue . PM P Ledue .LedueM P Ledue recorder
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Deed Louis to CarrCarr VuqueWilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr esquire, par acte du
dixneufaoutmilhuitcentneufenregistre au greffe de ce district Livre C. page trente
neuf a achete de Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis un arpent de terre de front sur quarante arpents de
profondeur formant quarante arpents en superficie appartenant originairement a AntoineAntoine Baccane BaccaneAntoine Baccane
parconcession de StSt Ange AngeSt Ange et Labuxiere en date du dixJanvier mil sept cent soixante
dix, la dit concession ensuite transporte par Philippe RivierePhilippe Riviere dit Baccanet fils duditAntoineAntoine Baccane
BaccaneAntoine Baccane par acte sermente le trois May mil huitcenthuit par devant Marie Philippe
Ledue Judge de paixde la juridiction de S LouisS Louis, en favour de JeanJean Baptiste BaptisteJean Baptiste LorinsLorins ,lequel
JeanJean Baptiste BaptisteJean Baptiste LorinsLorins et Hyacinthe son epouse par acte en datedudeux May mil huit cent huit
ontensuite vendu la dite terreau dit MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis LewisMeriwether Lewis ainsiqu'ilparait par acte enregistre
en l'officedu Recorder dece district Livre B pages dix - huit et suivantes,lequelMeriwetherMeriwether Lewis
LewisMeriwether Lewis a ensuite transporte au Dit william C. CarrCarr , comme est ci-dessus dit, et vu que par
reference dansle ditevente faite par le dit LorinsLorins et son epouse au dit MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis LewisMeriwether Lewis , il
parait y avoir et voulant les rectifier par ces presentes, sachenttousceux qui ces presents
verront que moiJeanJean Baptiste BaptisteJean Baptiste LorinsLorins , y Hyacinte mon epousedemeurant dans le district de Saint LouisSt Louis
Territoire de la Louisiane pour prix et en consideration de la somme de soixante piastres par nous
ainsi qu'il est mentionne dans la dite vente par nous faite auditMeriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis , avons ce
jourd'huivenducede quitte, delaisse, abandonne et transporte, comme par ces presentes, nous vendons,cedons
quittons, delaissonsabandonnons et transportons au dit william C. CarrCarr , ses hoirs on ayans causes,
et tel qu'il a achete dudit Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis , la dite terre sus mentionee de quarante arpents de
superficie, par superficie,par moi susditJeanJean BteLorinsLorins acquise de Philippe RivierePhilippe Riviere dit BaccaneBaccane par acte
an dos de la Concession, lequel acte est sermente par devant Marie Philip Ledue Judge de paix
le trois May mil huit cent huit. Comme etant la meme que nous avons vendu conjointement
au dit Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis le deux Mai mil huit cent huit, la transportant au dit william