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C.CarrCarr aveclameme garantie que nousavionsdonneau dit Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis , pour par le
dit WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr , ses hoirs on ayant causes en jouri, faire et disposer comme de chose a
lui appartenante. En foi de quoi nous avons signe et scelle ces presents ce vingt cinqJuin
(1811) mil huit cent onze. Marque de JeanJean B + BJean B .Louis [seal]- marque de HyacintheHyacinthe Fortin
FortinHyacinthe Fortin + femmeLorinsLorins

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- Signe, scelle et delivre en presence de M. P. LedueM P Ledue .

Territory of LouisianaLouisiana, District and Township of S LouisS Louis. Ss. Before me the undersigned
one of the justices of the peace in and for the township aforesaid, personally came and
appeared, Jean BaptisteJean Baptiste Lorins & Hyacinthe his wife who acknowledged the within instru

ment of writing to be their and each of their act and deed, hands & seals for the
purposes therein continued. He said Hyacinthe wife of said JohnJohn Baptiste BaptisteJohn Baptiste LorinsLorins being
first separately and apart examined from her said husband and by me made acquainted
with the contents of the said instrument of writing declares that she executed the same freely
& voluntarily and of her own free and voluntary will and accord and without coercion
compulsion, fear, restraint orundue influence of her said husband for the purposes therein
mentioned. Given under my hand and seal at S LouisS Louis, this 25 day of June 1855. M.PM P Ledue
LedueM P Ledue J P. (seal) District of S LouisS Louis. Recorded this 25 day of June 1855. Book C.
page 399. MM P Ledue .PM P Ledue . LedueM P Ledue Recorder.

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See Record Book Fpg. 66 & 67

Recorder Office.
St LouisSt Louis15 January 1850

I certify that the foregoing on pages & 9, is with the
attached paper marked A, a full and correct transcript from the books, records,
files and documents of this office, of all that which relates to the grant of
forty arpents of land in the prairie adjoining on the north, the Spanish town of
S LouisS Louis, made to Antoine RiviereAntoine Riviere dit BaccaneBaccane by the French and Spanish
Commandants of the port of Saint LouisSt Louis- and of all that which relates to
the confirmation thereof- and of the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners
and recorder of land titles in relation thereto.


U.S. Recorder of
in the State of MissouriMissouri
Land title