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Whereas the undersigned only son and heir of AntoineAntoine Riviere
RiviereAntoine Riviere alias Bacanne Sr decd, and one of the grand children of Antione Riviere alias Bacanne Sr decd and one of his hiers at
law, beliving myself entitled to certain undivided
interest in a certain tract of land in and adjoining the
city of St LouisSt Louis Containing forty arpens which was
originally granted by the Spanish government to the
said Antoine RiviereAntoine Riviere alias Bacanne Sr decd. as
will be seen in Livre Terrien No 1 page 31 Record on one
side and Picart on the other which was afterward,
surveyed under said Governement as will be seen in
Livre Terrien No 2 page 22 Picart on one side. Dion
on the other and which has since been confirmed the
United StatesUnited States and by their authorities surveyed and known
as number (1273) for the purpose of recording my interest
therein I do hereby agree to employ the services of
P.C. Morehead on attoney at law in said city and for
his services in consideraton thereof and in consideration
of my inablity to give him such cash for usual in
like services causes and his willingness to receive in
him thereof a contingency therefore I do hereby covenant
and agree for myself and my heirs to give and secure
to him the said Morehead an equal interest undivided
one third of all the right title and interest which
I have in said Described tract of land as heir
aforesaid which may be recovered therein by through or under him as attorney aforesaid whether the same by Bell suit or suits
in Law or equity or Compromise or any other legal may
whatever to be conveyed by good and sufficient deeds
of bargain and sale whenever required by him with the
usual Convenants therein, also one third of all the money
or money which may be recovered by suit compromise
or otherwise in and about said tract ofland whether
for rents profits Judgements damages or otherwise
accuring therein and therefore It is understood that
the said Morehead is to have and receive
no other fee or compensation other than said contingent
fee growing out of the recovery of said land or money

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as aforesaid which is in Consideration of his warning
and cash fee usual in like causes in view of the great
interest involved.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand & seal this twenty third day of May 1845

Francis Riviere

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