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This Indenture made and entered into this Sixth day of September 1845 between CharlesCharles Diedier a grandson of Antoine RiviereAntoine Riviere senior
deceased, party of the First part, and PhilipPhilip C. Morehead,
party of the second part : Witnesseth - that for and in conside-
ration of the sum of twenty dollars to the party of the first
part in hand paid by the party of the second part the receipt
of which is hereby acknowledged party of the first part
have granted, bargained and sold and by their presents do
grant, bargain, sell, alien and convey into the said party of
the second part his heirs & C all the undivided rights, titles &
interests as heirs of the said AntoineAntoine Riviere RiviereAntoine Riviere alias Bacanne decd.
in and to the following described lot or parcel of land con-
taining forty arpents situated in the common Fields of
St LouisSt Louis which was granted by the Spanish Government to
the said AntoineAntoine as contained in Livre Terrien No 1 page 31
and Livre Terrien No 3 page 22 calling for Bearon on one
side and Picart on the other in the grant afd and Picart
on one side and Diven on the other in survey refered to in
Livre Terrien No 2 page 22 which has been confirmed by
the United StatesUnited States to one Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis and Known by
United StatesUnited States survey no 1273: To have and to hold said
mentioned undivided rights, titles and interests to him
the said party of the second part his hiers and assigns

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands
and seals this day and year above written.

CharlesCharles (his mark) Dodier

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Witness witness

BenjaminBenjamin Ames.