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State of MissouriMissouri
county of St LouisSt Louis

Be it remembered that on
this Eighteenth day of September A. D. Eighteen hun

dred and forty six before me the undersigned an
acting justice of the peace for said County came
FrancisFrancis Picart and AmeliaAmelia his wife who are per

sonally, known to the undersigned to be the same persons
whose names are subscribed to the foregoing in

strument of writing as parties thereto and they ac

knowledged the same to be their act and deed for
the purposes therein mentioned. And the said
EmilyEmily being by me first made acquainted with the
contents of said instrument of writing on an examina

tion separate a part from her said husband
acknowledged that she executed the same
and actinguishes her right of to
the Real estate therein described freely
Voluntarily and without fear or restrain or
compulsion or any undue influence whatever
on the part of her said husband. Given under
my hand and certified this day & year above written

John WJohn W Paulding

justice of the
peace for St Louis County, State
of MissouriMissouri