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ArpentNo. 4. of W.C.Carr's farm
Original grant to AntoineAntoine Bacanne LivreTerrain
No. 2. folio () 31.

PhilipPhilip Bacanne to J.B Lorins (stating that his
father AntoineAntoine Bacanne had given it to him)
3. May 1808- and that he had
it one year about 24 years before that time &
then sold it to J.B Lorinsbut had not made him
a deed-

Louis & wife to Meriwither LewisLewis 2. May 1809
LewisLewis to CarrCarr 19. Augt. 1809

LorinsLorins & wife to CarrCarr 25. June 1811
J.B.Bacanne (son of AntoineAntoine & brother to PhilipPhilip Bacanne)
to W. C. CarrCarr - deed conveying all his interest in
lot No. 4} (and also in lotNo. 1. originally
granted, to J. B Bequet & sold to A. Bacanne &
by him after the death of his wife to one & from him to Ortez &
from Ortez to PPierre Chouteau ChouteauPierre Chouteau
& by him to W C CarrCarr .) see note of Ortez

patent certificate for same to M.
under A Bacanne by & BatesBates
commissn. Oct. 18. 1811-

It is contended by & LawlessLawless that
never sold but devised his property to one
under whom they pretend to claim
title to said lotNo. 1.