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Examination of the claim to a cost of 1 by 40 arpents in the
S LouisS Louis common field in the name of Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis , under A. Baccane
Grant to Antoine BaccaneAntoine Baccane by de St. AngeSt Ange and Labuxiere on the 10 January
1770, of l'arpent in the rear of the prairie of S LouisS Louis-bounded by picart & Beor.
See livre TerrienNo1 p. 31.

Survey of the lot by MartinMartin Daroloe under the authority of the lieutenant governer,
in 1770. 1771 or 1772- bounded on one side by AlexisAlexis Picart and on the other side by Dion.
See Livre Terrien No 2 p. 22- on the margin of the report of the survey are the
words and figures- "Louis 1793"

Claim filed for record with the U.S. Recorder of Land filed on the 6th 1808.
by MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis LewisMeriwether Lewis as a free of John BJohn B . Lorin who was of Philippe RivierePhilippe Riviere alias BaccaneBaccane _The recorded evidence is 1st _a transcript of the convence above referred
of the 10 January 1770-2-A declaration of Philippe RivierePhilippe Riviere dit BaccaneBaccane , of the
3 may 1808, of his father having given him some 25 years ago the lot in question,
and that after one year activation he (PhilippePhilippe ) sold it to J.B. Lorins, this declaration
now duly acknowledged before a justice of the peace- 3rd a deed from J.B. Lorins
& Hyacinth his wife of the said lot to Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis of the 2 May 1808
See Book D.P. 128 and 12 y.

Claim presented before the Board on the 18th Oct. 1891 by MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis
LewisMeriwether Lewis ap of John BJohn B . LorinsLorins & wife ap. of PhiippeRiviereRiviere alias BaccaneBaccane
heir of Antoine BaccaneAntoine Baccane -the provider the evidence detailed above. The
Draw grant to Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis and 40 arpens under the provision of the
2 section of the act of the 3 march 1807 and order that the same be
surveyed conformably to the report of survey found on page 128 of
Book 19 in the Recorder's office-and the board issue their certificate No 1273

See Book No 5 p. 380 of the minutes of the Board See Am
PublicLawsIIp. 601. Edition of 1804.

On the 29 December 1812, The following testimony was given before Recorder
BatesBates , acting as commissioner under the act of 13 June 1812. (see 4 and 7 of
that act) Antoine BaccaneAntoine Baccane by 40 aspens-Liv TerrienNo 2p. 22
"John D. Ortez testifies that this lot was cultivated since the establishment
of S LouisS Louis bill 1793, and law always been considered the property of AntoineAntoine Riviere
RiviereAntoine Riviere & there claiming under him." See BatesBates Minutes p. 127.

The lot was again confirmed by the act of 29th April 1816, as being embraced
in the Report of Recorder Book of 2-july 1816 to the Com. of the Gen land office