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to A. Riviere's representatives I by 40 arpensLeeBatesNo 1
p 3;hehad reference to Livre TerrienNo 2p. 22See also AM. J.Pap.Laws
III p. 277.

It is to be remarked that the confirmation by the board refers to
the concession of 10 1770 as recorded in LivreTerrien No 1 p.7 while the
confirmation by Mrs. BatesBates has reference to the survey by on page
22 of LivreTerrienNo 2 but the boundary of A. Picart lot given in
both documents and the annotation of "Lorin 1793" on the margin of said page 22
in the handwriting of, either, J or governer LewisLewis no doubt
that the lot surveyed by now the lot granted on the 10 January 1770.

The U.J.Surveyon office had the lot of LewisLewis under BaccaneBaccane surveyed as
No 1273 (the number of the Board's certificate); the confirmation by MrBatesBates
is underNo 1474, but no survey of it appears to have been executed. The
lot under this latter No. may have been sold for taxes.

St LouisSt Louis16 January 1847.


No notice of this claim appears in the evidence taken by Recorder
under the law of 26th May 1824.