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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis

Personally came before me
the undersigned a Justice of
the Peace written and for the
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis Joseph Sr. who be

ing duly sworn according to law upon his oath
says that he is seventy seven years old. he was
born in KaskaskiaKaskaskia and came to St LouisSt Louis at
the age of fifteen years. he lived in St LouisSt Louis and St Louis
County ever since. he was well acquainted with
John BJohn B . Lorin sr, about fifty five or fifty six
years ago- And saw the said Lorin Cultivate a
forty Arpen tract of land in the common fields
adjoining the Town of St LouisSt Louis he is positive of that
he saw said Lorin cultvate the said land for
One year at least he recollects that the said Lorin
drove a large fine looking black horse with which
he hauled away his grain from said land, at that
time the said Lorin lived in the lower part of
the Town of St LouisSt Louis on second street below the
GreenGreen Tree Tavern the land above mentioned
was situated immediately south of and adjoining
to the land claimed by One-Dion the old Flor

isant and St LouisSt Louis Road at that time passed
near or about the present residence of Judge
CarrCarr and the land here spoken of= was situate
some distance north of said road he can point
out the land, at the time the said Lorin
cultivated said land Antoine RiviereAntoine Riviere alias
Baccanne Sr.. lived in the village of FlorisantFlorisant
and he has no doubt but said AntoineAntoine knew
that the said Lorin was cultivating said land
for he the said AntoineAntoine often went to St LouisSt Louis and supposes
that he could not have missed seeing him
he was well acquainted with said AntoineAntoine and

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never heard him set up any claim what

ever to the said land he has been living
in FlorisantFlorisant forty nine years and was in
the habit of seeing the said AntoineAntoine almost
every day and further deponent saith not

sworn to & subscribed before me this 1st day of April 1847


JosephJoseph Aubudion

JamesJames Caslette

S. Peace

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