Polly Wilson vs. Jacob Baum
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State of MissouriMissouri
St LouisSt Louis county

In the circuit court Marchterm 1827

PollyPolly WilsonWilson (a free woman of colour)
Complains of Jacob BaumJacob Baum is
of a plea of trespass. For that the said JacobJacob Baum
BaumJacob Baum on the day of in the year
of our Lord 1826 in the force and assault
the said PollyPolly WilsonWilson to wit at the county
of St. LouisSt Louis aforsaid and then and there with
great force and and laid label
of the said PollyPolly WilsonWilson and with a
and whip and with his forts and
the said PollyPolly WilsonWilson a greatmany
blows and on and about the head
back; sholder; arms legs and
above other parts of the body by of
which said she the said PollyPolly WilsonWilson
has then and there gravely
and wounded and other to the said
PollyPolly WilsonWilson then and there did against the

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Laws & dignity of the state and to the great damage of this
the saidPollyPolly WilsonWilson which the said Polly
Willson saith[ sh ] is and has and
damage to the amountof $500 and therefore
she for

Stother attorney for Plantiff