David Shipman vs. Stephen Smith
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St Louis County-

Before WilliamWilliam C CarrCarr Judge of the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court at
ChambersChambers this 9th of May 1827

On reading the within petition and the annexed affidavit and being of opinion
that said petition contains sufficient matter to authorize the commencement of
suits for freedom in the name of each person within named claimed as a slave it is
ordered that said MillyMilly , Harry DickHarry Dick , WilliamWilliam and DavidDavid Shipman be permitted to
sue as poor persons to establish their freedom respectively and that JosiahJosiah Spalding SpaldingJosiah Spalding be
assigned as their counsel. It is further ordered that the said petitioners have reasonable
liberty to attend then said Counsel & the Court when occassion may require and that said
petitioners shall not be taken or removed out of the Jurisdiction of the St LouisSt Louis Circuit
court where said suits an to be commenced, nor shall be subject to any severity on account
of their application for freedom and being satisfied that the said petitioners an about
to be removed out of the Jurisdiction of the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court , it is further ordered that
that the within named Stephen SmithStephen Smith (whois to be made defendant in the said suits shall
enter into a recognizance with a sufficient security conditioned) that the petitioners shall at all
times during the said suit have reasonable liberty of attending their counsel, and that said
petitioners shall not be removed out of the Jurisdiction of said St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court and it further
appearing that said SmithSmith refuses to enter into said recognizance it is hereby ordered that
the Sheriff of St Louis County take possession of the petitioners and hire them out to the best advantage
from time to time during the pendency of said suits and that he take a bond from each person
hiring any of said petitioners in the penalty of three hundred dollars for each, person hired
out exclusive of the infant conditions according to law- Given under my hand the day
& year above written WillWill . C CarrCarr Judge 3 J Circuit-

A True Copy of the Order

Archd GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk