Elizabeth, a free girl of color vs. Francois Menard, Andre Landreville
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November term 1827

Andre LandrevilleAndre Laundreville


And thesaidAndreAndre Laundreville
LandrevilleAndre Laundreville by his attorney
and defendsthe force
and injury wherefore and says he is not guilty
of the said supposedtrespassassaults and
battery; imprisonment and detentions
above said to his charge or anypart thereof
in manner & form as the said ElizabethElizabeth by
her next friendAlexisAlexis Amelin AmelinAlexis Amelin hath above
thereof against him and of this
hethe said Andre LandrevilleAndre Laundreville puts
himself upon the county
and the said plaintiff doth the like Bass & McGirk for pltff

And for furtherpleain this behalf
the said Andre LandrevilleAndre Laundreville says the said
ElizabethElizabeth ought not to haveor maintain her
aforesaid action thereof against him because
he says that the said Andre LandrevilleAndre Laundreville
at the times mentioned in the said
declaration had not norclaimed to have nor
hath he nor dothhe now claim to have but
disavoweth and disclaimethtohaveanytitle
claim or interest in and to then said
ElizabethElizabeth and thusthen said Andre LandrevilleAndre Laundreville
is ready to testifywherefore he prays
judgement if the said plaintiff ought to
have or maintain aforesaid actionagainsthim

attorney for dnt