Virginia, a free girl of color vs. Francois Menard, Andre Landreville
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VictoireVictoire vs.AA Landreville LandrevilleA Landreville

and the said VictoireVictoire for replication to
the plea of the said LandrevilleLandreville secondly above pleaded says that
she ought not to be banned & precluded from having & maintaining
her action aforesaid against the said LandrevilleLandreville because
the says that the said LandrevilleLandreville at the said several times in her said
declaration mentioned & before the said times did claim to have
& hold the said VictoireVictoire as a slave & still does claim the said VictoireVictoire as a slave and of this she the said VictoireVictoire
puts hereself upon the county

McGirk & Bass for pltff