Aspasie, a woman of color vs. Francois Chouteau
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Deposition taken at the dwelling house of Madam RocheblaveRocheblave within
CityCity of St Louis of St. LouisCity of St Louison Saturday the twenty fourth day of November within the year 1827 between the hours of nine the forenoon and
four in the afternoon of said any by virtue of writ to be read in evidence at the trial or the case Now... Circuit court of the county
of St. LouisSt Louis Between AspasieAspasia woman of color
as plaintiff and Francois ChouteauFrancois Chouteau defendant on the part of the plaintiff

MarieMaria Louisa Rocheblave LouiseMaria Louisa Rocheblave RocheblaveMaria Louisa Rocheblave being duly sworn on her oath
Saith that she is a acquainted with AspasieAspasia a mulatto girl, knew her
at KaskaskiaKaskaskia in the state of IllinoisIllinois, knew her from the period
of her birth, was the slave of a certain Baptiste Jeandrau
same place has understood that she had been sold by Jeandrau
to Pierre MenardPierre Menard with whose daughter she the said AspasieAspasia
came to the city of St. LouisSt Louis, has held her within city of some
time back, that the said AspasieAspasia was born at KaskaskiaKaskaskia in the family of Jeandrau this deponent is acquainted with the mistress of said AspasieAspasia , the wife of FrancoisFrancois Chouteau -
ChouteauFrancois Chouteau , has visited the home of said ChouteauChouteau where she has seen said AspasieAspasia in capacity of a slave, believing the
said AspasieAspasia may be and of twenty years of age

Sworn to & subscribed

on the day and year between the hours and at the place above written, the plaintiff attending...

Justice of the Peace