Aspasie, a woman of color vs. Francois Chouteau
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis

Personally appeared before
me PeterPeter FergusonFerguson a justice of the peace within
and for the county of St.LouisSt Louis, AspasieAspasia a woman of color; the person who signed & swore to the
truth of the foregoing Petition, and upon her corporal oath, by me administrated, saith, that She has been
informed by Mrs. ChouteauChouteau the wife of the foregoing named
FrancoisFrancois Chouteau ChouteauFrancois Chouteau in said petition mentioned, that she
& the said FrancisFrancis had determined to send this affiant
out of the state of MissouriMissouri, & had made preparations
to do so, but that not finding his affiant at
the time, She had refuted; & further this affiant saith that
she has understood and verily believes, that it is now the
find design & intention of the said FrancoisFrancois Chouteau ChouteauFrancois Chouteau
and wife to carry this affiant an board the steam
boat AmericaAmerica, now in port, and about to sail in a
few hours and convey this affiant down the river out
of the boundaries & this state for the express purpose
of preventing this affiant from constituting suit for &
obtaining her freedom; And further this affiant saith
that to require her to procure the affidavit of any
white person to attest the truth of her petition, would
be the certain means of defeating the ends of justice
& the institution of any suit for the freedom of this
affiant, and that she is certain, that of she is debarred
from her right to sue for her freedom immediately,
that her right will be completely defeated by delay

AspasieAspasia her


Sworn to and subscribed before
me this thirteith day of May 1827

PeterPeter FergusonFerguson Justice of the peace
County St.Louis State of MissouriMissouri