Mary, a woman of color vs. Francois Menard, Andre Landreville
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis

Personally approved her
for the undersigned
a justice of the peace within and for the
county and state aforsaid, MaryMary , a woman
of colour, the same person who subscribed the
petition who being sworn by
upon his approval saith
facts set forth upon in the foregoing petition
by her subscribedas stated upon her own
knowledge are true, and that stated upon
the information and heresay of others, she
verily believes are true and can be proved, and
further, that she know of no person to whom
can prove the facts stated in her petition
to whom she thinks she could safely confide
her intention of instituting a suit for her freedom
without in- curring the hazard of living deprived
of the opportunity of making this application
by being sent out of the jurisdiction of this court
sworn to and subscribed




PeterPeter FergusonFerguson Justice of the peace
County St. LouisCounty St Louis

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