State of Missouri vs. Claiborne, a slave the property of William Clark
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The state
vs Claiboure

Be A that on the
trial of this each it was on the
part of the prisoner that in the year 1821
he was brought to this state byMrs. Rad-
ford, that he was the property of her late
husband who left three children then
and now living- that in said year
Mrs. Radford intermarried with Gene
-ral Clark that since that time he
was occasionally hired out for the
benefit of the of Radford that
at the times when he was not hired out
he resided as the of General Clark
who received Control over him. That he
had occasionally been hired out by General Clark, that
the arising from the hire had been
applied to the benefit of the
of Radford by the
guardian of the of Radford

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No other evidence material to the question
of property in the slave being offered her
prisoner by his Councilasked the Court
to instruct the Jury that if they believed
the prisoner was not the property of
William ClarkWilliam Clark as stated in the in-
dictment they ought to find the
not which instruction
the Court refused to give to which
opinion the prisoner by his Council
Excepts and prop that this ex-
ception may be signed and
made a fact of the Record in
this Court which is done

The court decided that the evidence or proved
a qualified property in William ClarkWilliam Clark
Which was sufficientto sustain the Indict
ment & that ground refused the in

WillWill . C. CarrCarr

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