Dolly, a colored woman vs. John Young
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State of missouri
3 Judicial Circuit

Be it remembered that on
this 12th day of May 1828. personally appeared before me
the subscribed judge of the Circuit aforesaid
John Young and DougalOFerguston Jr.
of the county of St LouisSt Louis and acknowledge them
to owe to the state of missouri the sum of
four hundred dollars each, to be levied of their
respective goods & chattles lands & tenaments
on condition following whereas one DollyDolly
a coloured woman has instituted suit
against said John Young to by her right
to freedom agreeably to the statute in such
cases made & provided & has petitioned
the undersigned to cause the said John
Young to enter into recognizance eith securety
that she the said DollyDolly shall not be removed
out of the jurisdiction of the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
for the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis now therefore if the
petitioner DollyDolly shall at all times during the
pendency of the suit aforesaid have reasonable
liberty of attending her counsel and shall not
be removed out of the jurisdiction of the court
aforesaid & that she shall not be subjected to
any severity because of her application for
freedom, then this recognizance to be void
otherwise to be in full force & effect

Taken & certified before me the day
& year aforesaid at my chambers
in the CountyCounty of St Louis of St LouisCounty of St Louis given under my
law & seal

WillWill . C. CarrCarr

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