Dolly, a colored woman vs. John Young
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of S LouisCounty of S Louis

Circuit CourtCircuit Court 3rd Judicial
Circuit July Term 1828

DollyDolly a coloured woman by her attorneys
complain of John young of a plea of Trespass
assault Battery & False imprisonment. For that
the said John Young on the day of in
the year A.D 1827, with force & arms & made an
assault upon the said DollyDolly , towit, at the County ofCounty of St Louis
StCounty of St Louis. LouisCounty of St Louis aforesaid & there & there seized & laid hold
of the said DollyDolly & with great force & violence took
& conveyed the said DollyDolly to Fever river in the North
Western Territory & then & there imprisoned the said
DollyDolly & kept & detained her in prison without
justifiablecausewhatsoever for a long space
of time, towit for the space of sixmonths then
next following contrary to the laws of the
said North Western Territory and the said DollyDolly
aver, that before and at the time of the committing
of the grievances she was & still is a free person
& that the Deft held & detained her still holds &
detainsherinslavery against the will of the said
DollyDolly , whereby she the said DollyDolly was then & there
greatly exposed injured & restrained of her liberty
towit at the County aforesaid & other wrong to
the said DollyDolly there & there did against the peace
& diginity of the state aforesaid & other damages of the
said DollyDolly five hundred dollers therefore