Matilda, a free girl of color vs. Marie Louisa Rocheblave and Philip Rocheblave
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To The Honorable WilliamWilliam C.CarrCarr , Judge of the
Third judicial District within and for the
State of MissouriMissouri

HumblyHumbly petitioners, MatildaMatilda , a free girl of colour
represents, to your honor, that She was born in the Village
of PrairieDuRocher in the State of IllinoisIllinois, in the family
of Mrs.Susan Lacount, alias Lacompt, in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seven or Eight. That your petitioner was held in Slavery by said
Mrs. Susan Lacount, alias Lacompt,[ untill ] about ten years
since, when she was delivered over by said Mrs.Lacount
alias Lacompt, to Philip RocheblavePhilip Rocheblave of St. LouisSt Louis, as his
Slave, where she has generally resided ever since, in the
capacity of his slave: and that your petitioner is now
claimed and held as a slave in bondage, in St. LouisSt Louis,
by said Philip RocheblavePhilip Rocheblave and a certain MaryMary Lousia
Rocheblave in whose possession she is now detained-
Your petitioner is informed, and so believed the fact to
be, that being born in the Territory, (now
state) of IllinoisIllinois, she is now held and detained in
Slavery Contrary to the law of the land.

Your petitioner, therefore prays your honor,
she is confident she can establish the above facts, to
make an order that she be permitted to institute a suit
for her freedom, in the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court, and
that your petitioner be permitted to sue said PhilipPhilip & Mary LouiseMaria Louisa Rocheblave RocheblaveMaria Louisa Rocheblave (as a poor person,)
for the establisment of her right to freedom as aforesaid:
and that your Honor make an order also, that your
petitioner have reasonable liberty of attending such counsel
as your honor may be pleased to appoint her, and to
attend the Court, when occasion may require: and that your
petitoner shall not be taken or removed out of the jurisdiction
of the said Court, nor be subject to any severe

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treatment on account of her application for freedom,
and as is duty bound your petitioner will ever pray

St. LouisSt Louis
3rd October 1828.

MatildaMatilda an