Aspasia, a free woman of color vs. Francois Chouteau, Pierre Menard
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To the Honorable the Circuit CourtCircuit Court within and for the
county of St. LouisSt Louis

The petition of AspasiaAspasia a free woman of color
showeth that the is detained and restrained of her Liberty in
the custody of SullivanSullivan Blood constable of the
of St. LouisSt Louis that this is not thus detained and restrained of
her liberty for any criminalor supposed criminal matter
wherefore she prays the writ of habeas corpus to be directed
to the said SullivanSullivan Blood commanding him on a day
certain to have the body of your petitioner before your
Honourable court and thus you will make said other
and further with in the premises as to per that been
meet and your petitioner

AspasiaAspasia her