State of Missouri vs. Ben, a slave of William Clark
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gave out for coffee & returning the he ared
lame that lame in was
stabbed when she went into the Room
she found the gardner Beth

John a slave of the Estate of Charles Buporon
deceased says that he was at a party
at a Negrohouse on the plantation of
General Bisel where there had been
panning marked to go away
the hadcommanded I had heard
no commotion at the party & I was about
going to my bed when he heard
that some lady was fighting I ran to
the room & I got in I heard
someone say Oh God he is stabbed I can as abouts
going to my had us her she heard
i am long i rants
the room of face I us i heard
gave he is i
to gah in them was such a fer of
in the room that I couldnotopen the
door. I rushed against it by this time
the people had the door & I rushed
un the reach that I far
in to the Room & like to have
fallen I found the people about
so standing as if amazed Ben &
Bill were in a corner of the Room.
Ben was proped up against the wall
Bill had Ben about his waist& so
pushed aganist the wall as to capare
the use of his right arm. Ben had
a knife in his right hand
he to use but not being able
to do so he changed the knife
to this left hand & struck Bill on
the hand & was about to make

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another strokecame & arrested him
& they were parted
I certify the above to be the up of
the above named prisoner&the above
named use takenbeforeme
September 30 1829Justice of the peace