State of Missouri vs. Ben, a slave of William Clark
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I was a God Negrosaid if I
was mad he could whip me the last
day I was saw about half an
hour after the girl was drawnup from
me on the before I & Bill

ClaraClara a slave of General SamuelSamuel Bipell
LLara says that last Saturday night
Bena slave the person was room
in this they had a there
about 12 o clock at night-Ben rubbed
his hands & walkedabout the room
& said I came from with the
intention of fighting - he walked about a little longer& again said he came
there with the intention of fighting
to the we said Madam
can't you find someone to fight and
pointed to a small boy & told
him there was sameBody to fight him
he walked about the room & in a
said to the again &
addressed him & said he was angry
he had been as Read that the if she could find any one
to fight him she said no then
he said I think we will have
of a him to after this
he went to dancing &I saw no improper
conduct nor did I hear of any untill
the fights command she says she
was not there in the Room when the
fight took place she had gave out
at the coffee & resturant she heared
same and came claiming that same today