State of Missouri vs. Ben, a slave of William Clark
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State of MissouriMissouri
St. Louis County

William GardnerWilliam Gardner on
his oath says that on the
causing of Family as measuring of
the day of request last in the St. Louis County
a slave said to belong to William ClarkWilliam Clark
by the name of Ben. did as this is

of his a fore thought state the megra
man slave of the affiant named Bill
The above description of the woundsinflicted
by said Ben on the body of said Bill
had been given by the above named
Halliday a Physician who wascalled
upon by this afficavit to examine & describe
the wounds inflected as aforesaid & this
has the wounds&

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& believed the above to be a correct discription
I think there is danger that said wounds
so infected may prove mortal

Will Gardner

Sworn to before me
the September 2 1829

Justice of the Peace