Robert Simpson vs. George F. Shrother
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St LouisCounty of St Louis

Ss. In the St Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court March Term, 1829

Robert SimpsonRobert Simpson , Sheriff St Louis County. Com
plains of GeorgeGeorge F FGeorge F . Shother of a plea that he ren
der unto him the said Plaintiff the sum of five
hundred dollars, which he sues to and unjustly de
tains from him. For that whereas the said GeorgeGeorge F
FGeorge F . Shother, as principal, and one HughHugh M. Stephen
son, by the name and description "H. M. Stephenson
heretofore, to wit, on the fifteenth day of December in the year of Our Lord Eighteen hundred and twenty seven, at the County of St LouisCounty of St Louis, aforesaid,
in the state of MissouriMissouri, by their certain writing
obligatory, sealed with their seals, (and now to the
court here shown, the date whereof is the day and
year aforesaid acknowledged themselves to be held
and firmly bound Jointly & severally, unto the said Robert Simp
son Sheriff of St Louis County in the said sum
five hundred dollars above demanded to be
them, & either of them, paid to said Plaintiff whom
they or either of them should be thereunto after
wards required: which said writing obligatory was
and is subject to a certain conditions there and or
written, which are as follows, to wit; "the conditions
of the above obligations on such, that when
as a certain Mulatto girl named aspasia has
been permitted by the circuit court of St Louis
County to institute suit against Francois Chris
tian to Establish her right to Freedom, and said
court having ordered the sheriff aforesaid, to
him and said Mulatto Girl from Term to Term
of said court, during the presidency of said â
suit for freedom, and the sheriff aforesaid
having hired the said mulatto girl AspasiaAspasia ,
to said George FGeorge F . Shother at four dollars
per month, commencing on the 14th day of December 1827, Now if the said George FGeorge F .
Shother shall pay or cause to be paid the
price of said Mulatto girl when thereunto re
quested and moreover return said Mulatto Girl
to the sheriff of St Louis County at the next
march Term of said Circuit CourtCircuit Court , and not

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"suffer her to be removed act of the jurisdiction
of said court, and grant her a reasonable
liberty of attending her counsel, and not subject
her to any undue severity in cause given on of her
application for freedom, then her obligation is
to become null & void, otherwise to be in aim
in full force and effect ." Nevertheless, the said
Plaintiff in [ fait ] saith, that after the making of
the said writing obligatory, he the said Shother did
not, at the said march Term in said condition â
mentioned, return said Mulatto Girl to the said
sheriff of St Louis County, as he was by said condi
tion of said writing obligatory bound to do, worded
said Shother or any other person for him, return
to said sheriff, the said Mulatto Girl, during the presi
dency of said suit, as he was bound by said condition
to do, but kept & detained said mulatto from
the said Sheriff, in his popepion and contract
till the determination of said suit in said
circuit Court, whereby said Plaintiff hath sustained
damages amounting to the sum of forty seven dollars,
& six & a half cents â whereby are action hath occured to
him the said Plaintiff to demand and
of and from the said GeorgeGeorge Shother the said
sum of five hundred dollars above deman

And for a further branch of the condition of
said writing obligatory, to the assigned; the said
Plaintiff saith, that the said Shother hath
not as yet ([ atho ] often requested so to do, to wit,
at the county aforesaid, on the sixth day of march in the year Eighteen hundred and twenty nine &
on duener other days before and since the said day
last mentioned) paid or caused to said be paid to said Plaintiff the hire
of said Mulatto Girl AspasiaAspasia , nor any part
thereof, according to condition in said writing obliga
tory contained, which said hire of said Mulatto
girl, at the rate of four dollars per month
from the said fourteenth day of December in the year Eighteen hundred and twenty seven, till the
sixth â day of December in the year Eighteen hundred and twenty Eight, the day on which
said suit for freedom was tried and determined in said
circuit court, as the said plaintiff accm. amounts to