Robert Simpson vs. George F. Shrother
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the sum of forty seven dollars & six and a half cents, by
of which said persons but the same to pay, or â
any part thereof, to him the said plaintiff, he the
said Shother hath & doth still neglect & refuses
to do, by means of which said promises the said
plaintiff hath sustained damages to a large â
amount, to wit, of five hundred dollars and
thereby an action hath occured to him the
said Plaintiff to demand and have of &
from the said George FGeorge F . Shrother the said
sum of five hundred dollars above demanded.
Yet the said defendant, altho. often requested so
to do, has not as yet paid the said sum of
five hundred dollars above demand or any part
thereof to said Plaintiff, but to pay the sum
to him has hitherto wholly refused and still does
refuse so to do. To the damage of
the said Plaintiff of five hundred and fifty
dollars, and therefore he sues, &c.

J. C. McGirkMcGirk Atts for