Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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To W.C. CarrCarr Judge of the third Circuit

I GutavusA BirdA Bird do swear that I believeVincentVincent Duncan
DuncanVincent Duncan is detained in the possession of James DuncanJames Duncan for no matter that
I beleive that he is free & tat it is the upon
of James DuncanJames Duncan to Kidnap him & send him
to New OrleansOrleans & prays on behalf of said VincentVincent
that a writ of Habeas corpus may issue to bring said VincentVincent issue before
you to be dealt with as the law

G A BridG A Brid

Sworn to & subscribed
before me Judge of the
3 Circuit State of MissouriMissouri
this 7 November 1827

WillWill . C. CarrCarr