Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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Deposition of witness produceed sworn and
examined at the Court house in the County
of Hopkind and State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky.
one J. a Justices of Peace
in & for the County & stated [ a for said ]
in a certain cause now depending in The Circuit
Court of the County St Louis_ I state of MissouriMissouri
between VincentVincent a man of color is pl
and JamesJames Duncan DuncanJames Duncan is defend
ant WilliamWilliam Gersdon being of lawful age
produced & sworn & examined on the part of defendant deposeth & saith
Question by deft did you or not
know VincentVincent the plff in the years
1816 17 & 18 who did he belong to & did
he reside in Hopkins CountyHopkins County Ken
tucky in those years
Ansr I did in the year 1816JesseJesse Duncan
DuncanJesse Duncan JohnJohn Duncan DuncanJohn Duncan father
moved to the County of HopkinsCounty of Hopkins
with VincentVincent in his possession
I never knew JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan nor any of the Family to send him
to the SalineSaline nor of his being
at the SalineSaline in the lifetime
of Jesse DuncanJesse Duncan who departed
this life in the fall 1818 nor do
not I believe he ever went to the SalineSaline untill
in the year 1819Question by same do you or do you
not believe from your action

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2) living in the meighbourhood & being
well acquainted with JesseJesse Duncans his, Concern
you would have known it if heDuncanDuncan
gone to the SalineSaline in 1816 17 or 18
Ansr. I being Sheriff in those years
I am confident that VincentVincent was not at SalineSaline untill after
the death of Jesse DuncanJesse Duncan which was
1818 in the full & further his depo
nant sayeth not Wm Gordan