Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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also the Deposition of Reed WrightWright
taken at the time & place [ aforesd ]
for the purpose aforesaed being
of lawful age & first duly sworn
deposeth & saith were you or not
acquainted with the plaintiff VincentVincent
during the years 1816 17 & 18 and who owned VincentVincent in those years

Ansr. I was acquainted with him
in those years & Jesse DuncanJesse Duncan
Jr owned him

2 Question by Same
Was VincentVincent absent from HopkinsHopkins County
CountyHopkins County in the years 1816 17 or 18Ansr. he was not untill after the
Death of JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan in fall
1818 he went to the SalineSaline

Question by same Do you or not
know that JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan Jr in his
lifetime ever sent or hired Vin
cent at SalineSalineAnsr he did not to my knowledge
Question by same if VincentVincent had
been hired at the SalineSaline would
you or not have known it
from your intimacy in the family
Ansr I believe I should & further
this deponent sayeth not

Reed WrightWright