Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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Ansr he was not to my knowledge
question by same

who owned VincentVincent in 1816 17 & 18
Ansr. JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan Jr owned him untill his death which look place
in November 1818

Question by same from your
intimacy & knowledge of the
domestic affairs of JesseJesse Duncans
would you or not have known
if VincentVincent had been hired at the
SalineSaline in those years

Ansr I certainly would

Question by same

What distance did you live
from JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan Jrin those
years & were or not in the habit
of visiting the family frequent

Ansr. a little better than a mile I was
in the habit of visting them very
often & further this deponant
[ senth ] not

IsaacIsaac Mutcalfe