Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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The deposition of above AlexanderAlexander Miller
ColemanColeman Duncan DuncanColeman Duncan Bunyan Pritchett and
John DuncanJohn Duncan taken at the house of John
Laffoun Esqr in the County of HopkinsCounty of Hopkins and State ofKentucky
KentuckyKentucky On the 3rd day of January 1830 to be
Read as Evidence On the trial of a suit at law Depending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St. Louis County
In the State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri wherein VincentVincent alias
In Plaintiff and YarmesDuncanDuncan is Defendent
for assault and [ Ballery ] and false imprisonment
Abner west Being of Lawfull age and first
Duly sworn deposeth and Says

By Defendant Term
do or do you not Know that VincentVincent the
Reported Plaintiff is and was a Slave one
of the number Belonging to the estate of JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan Deceased the father of the
Deft James DuncanJames Duncan

Answer I do-

By Same do or do you not know that he
was hired at the SalineSaline Salt works in

Answer I understood it so by the Boys
Question By Same deorded not VincentVincent after
he was some time at the SalineSaline Become disobedient and Refuse to Return to the
Service of his master James DuncanJames Duncan

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Answer yes he did

By Same To or is not JamesJames Duncan DuncanJames Duncan the deft
the Son of the deceased JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan
Answer. I Believe it

Question By Same do or do you not know
that I Ever Rec. one year have from any
one in the Saline Lick for the sources of
said VincentVincent

Answer I do not

Question By same do or do you not know
that I need frequently to Get said VincentVincent
a way from the SalineSaline lick and could not

Answer I do know it for I was with him
Aurther this deponent SayethSayeth not

Abner his


mark West