Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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Deposition of witness produced, sworn and examined
on the twenty third day of March in the year of OurLord Eighteen hundred and thirty two between the hours
of Eight of the Clock in the forenoon and six O, Clock
in the afternoon of that day at the House of AlfredAlfred Bosye
in the City of JeffersonJefferson County CountyJefferson County of Cole and State ofMissouri MissouriMissouri,
before me Hiram HHiram H . Bober a Justice of the Peace within
and for the County aforesaid in a certain cause now de
in the Circuit Court of the CountyCounty of St Louis of St LouisCounty of St Louis
between VincentVincent a man of Color, plaintiff and JamesJames Duncan
DuncanJames Duncan defendant on the part of thedefendantplaintiff

Benjamin Davis of Lawful age, being produced Sworn
and examined on the part of the plaintiff, deposeth
= and saith~
Question by plaintiff's attorney
Did you know JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan deceased late of HopkinsHopkins County,
CountyHopkins County KentuckyKentucky - ?
Answer I did -
Question by plaintiffs attorney -

Did you know a black man called VincentVincent or
Winston which said JesseJesse claimed as his slave at the
time of his death - ?

Answer I know a black man by the name of VincentVincent or Winston
who was the property of the Father of John and JamesJames Duncan
DuncanJames Duncan of HopkinsHopkins County CountyHopkins County KentuckyKentucky, but I do not recollect
wether the Father of the said JamesJames and John was named
JesseJesse or not

Question by same

Do you know whether said VincentVincent or Winston was
hired by said JesseJesse to Labor in the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois in 1817or1818 of your own knowledge or from what you have
heard said JesseJesse say- If so please state the time he
worked there as particularly as you can?

Answer The Father of John &James DuncanJames Duncan kept negroes hired
at the United StatesUnited States SalineSaline in IllinoisIllinois between the years
1813&1819. but at what particular time or times do not recollect
=Question by Same was VincentVincent or Winston one of

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the negroes hired by the said DuncanDuncan , at the SalineSaline
in IllinoisIllinois ?

Answers- As well as I recollect he was

And further this deponent saith not

Sworn and Subscribed to before me,
on the day, at the place, and within
the hours first aforesaid

Hiram HHiram H . Baber. J.peace

Ben Davis

Cole County Missouri