Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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Question By Same is or is not JamesJames Duncan DuncanJames Duncan
the Deft Son of the DeceasedJesse DuncanJesse Duncan
Ansr he is

Question By Same do or do you [ knot ]know whether
J. Dun any thing for the hire of said
VincentVincent or not Answer. I do not

Question By Same do or do you not know
that I have frequently tried Get said
VincentVincent from the lick and could not

Answer I have Generaly under stood so

Question By Same Have or have you not
frequently while said VincentVincent was at thehired
at the lick that he Run about there &
done as he pleased| Answer I have
further this Deponent SayethSayeth not Alex Miller Mike

Also the deposition of BenjaminBenjamin Pretchett they
Deponent Being of lawfull age and first
Duty Sworn

Question By Deft did or did you [ knot ]
have a conversation with VincentVincent
the Reported Plaintiff
In this Case and did he not tell you not conversation
that he had Ruled
=arn and on Business within himself
previous to the year 1825 Bunyan Pritchett

Ansr. he did and further this deponent SayethSayeth not.

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Page 4th
1830 not the 3rd February and Commenced at 2 oclo
ck and adjourned untill tomorrow
not Agreeable to adjournment February 4th
and and commenced 1/2 after 12 on said 4th day of febr. 1830, the deposition of JohnJohn Duncan
DuncanJohn Duncan who Being of lawfull age
and first Duly Sworn deposeth and say

Question By Deft

do or do you not know
that VincentVincent the Reported plantiffs is
And was a slave one of the number
Belonging to the estate of Jesse DuncanJesse Duncan
Decd. the father of the DeftJamesJames Duncan DuncanJames Duncan

Ansr. he was

Question by Same do or do you not know
that he was hired at the SalineSaline Salt works
in IllinoisIllinois and Run about there and
done as he pleased and that the defendant
JamesJames Duncan DuncanJames Duncan one year here
for him during his stay there nor no
other person for him

Ansr. I do

Question By Same did or did not VincentVincent
after he was Some time at the SalineSaline
Became disobedient and and Refused to Return
to the sources of his masterJamesJames Duncan DuncanJames Duncan

Ansr. he did