Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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1. By the Constitution of IllinoisIllinois the plantiff might
lawfully have been hired at the this SalineSaline, in
IllinoisIllinois from year to year without being unmoved to
any other state at the end of each year, without working
his emancipation.

2. If the that the of VincentVincent residing
in KentuckyKentucky, desired to bring him home to KentuckyKentucky
& atten plea to do so but was prevented by VincentVincent
the plaintiff cannot recover.

2. Under the ordinance of 1787, the plantiff VincentVincent
cannot show himself entitled to his freedom by
proving that he brought at the IllinoisIllinois SalineSaline
from 1817 tell 1825
not given

3. Under the ordinance of 1787, The plantiff VincentVincent
cannot carefully claim his freedom by reason
of any residence in IllinoisIllinoiswhich in care
of a free but such residence as, in case of a
free man would amount to a settlement &
the acquisition of a regular domicil there
not given

4. The Constitution of IllinoisIllinois is not & cannot be
controlled by the ordinance of 1787, as to the
existence of slavery in that state