Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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Points 1. IllinoisIllinois had not the power to form a
constitution which could authorize
in that State in any shape
slavery cannon exist in IllinoisIllinois in L
L Because the cause for by the ordinance of
&c which was to all for at
Law or seal Constitutions
3. The Constitution of IllinoisIllinois shall such a
construction of as to make it & not repugnant to the ordinance
4 That according to the construction slaves
could have been legally hired at the
Ohil SalineSaline but the exception in the sd Section
only to apply to such person
as was bound to labor by contrast or
5 If the IllinoisIllinois Slavery to a
limited the true sonstruction of its that
no slave should be hired at that place for
more than a year at a time

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1. If the Jury can recollect from the that the
plaintiff rase did at the OhioOhio SalineSaline as a laborer there in
the year 1817 by consent of his master he is
entitled to his freedom

2) If the Jury can gram the evidence that
herewithplantiff was hired by his Master to remain at
the OhioOhio SalineSaline in IllinoisIllinois for more than one
year at any one time after the adoption of
the Constitution & he did Summon there more
than a year at a time the plantiff is
entitled to his freedom

3) If the Plantiff was disobedient to the person
to be claimed him as a slave & ran about
pretty much as he pleased while hired at the
SalineSaline this does not prove that he was a
fugitive from labor

4 If consentthe plantiff proms. that he was sum
at the OhioOhio SalineSalinealmost daily for 4 years he
has made out a prema faine title to his freedom
& at his open the defendants to show that he left
the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois if he did so