Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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HopkinsHopkins County}SB

I SamuelSamuel WoodsonWoodson clerk to the Court for the County ofCounty of Hopkins
HopkinsCounty of Hopkins aforesaid do hereby certify that John BJohn B . Laffoon esq.
before whom the foregoing depostions appear to have been taken
and whose name is subscribed to the foregoing certificate
is and was at the time of taking said depositions an
acting Justice of the peace in &for said County and that
fullfaith and credit are due and ought to be given to
all his acts when acting in his official character as
in Courts of Justices as therewith

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In Testimony whereof I have hereunto
subscribed my name and affixed the
seal of said County the 19th day of
Febuary 1820 in the 28th year of the

Sam. WoodsonWoodson