Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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adjourned[ untill ] tomorrow morning Eleven
Oclock, The deposition of Willis Hanjnour
taken as above in the same case deponant being
of Lawfull age and first duly sworn deposeth
and saith he knew VincentVincent a negroman belonging
to DuncanDuncan of KentuckyKentucky,, he was at SalineSaline for several
years and appeared to do pretty much as he pleased

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at one time DuncanDuncan got deponent to assist him to take
VincentVincent for the purpose of taking him home
and we [ tyed ] him but whether he did at that time
force him off or not I he does not recollect, but
VincentVincent begged very much to stay a little lon
ger as he said to settle his business and that
he would have went home as soon as that
was done at any rate and from the conver
sation of VincentVincent & his Master it appeared
that there had been a good deal of deception
on the part of VincentVincent or this subject and
that DuncanDuncan had got quite out of patience
with his false pretences, & further this de
ponant saith not

Willis, F. Caigian

Sworn to and subscribed
before me at SalineSaline Tavern
on the 26th Dec 1829

Leo.WhiteWhite J.P.