Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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The Deposition of DanielDaniel Wood taken as afore
said to be read as evidance in the same case
The Deponant Wood being of [ Lawfull ] age and first
duly sworn deposeth and saith, That he well knew
a negro man by the name of VincentVincent who I understood
belong to DuncanDuncan of KentuckyKentucky he VincentVincent worked as a hireling
for Frank hunger at this place SalineSaline Salt works for some
time and at a number of other places during my knowledge
of him; I understood that he belong to DuncanDuncan from both
parties so much so that there was no question of it
DuncanDuncan received his wages and I have heard DuncanDuncan di
rect him to go home and I once knew of VincentVincent Trading
for a horse to go home on, DuncanDuncan would come to this place
with his [ waggon ] for Salt on account of his hire and fre
quently when he would come he would have to wait on
VincentVincent several weeks before he could get a [ waggon ] load
and in short he done pretty much as he pleased but al
ways acknowledged he belonged to DuncanDuncan & further
this deponant saith not

Sworn to and Subscribed

Justices fee $ 1.87cts
Leo. WhiteWhite J. P
Sworn to and Subscribed
before me

Leo WhiteWhite County J. P