Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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VincentVincent a man of color
James DuncanJames Duncan

action of assault & Battery
& false imprisonment in
the St Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court

And the said plaintiff comes & asks the Court
to grant him a new trial for the following

1 because the verdict of the Jury is contrary to

2 Because the verdict is contrary to Law.

3 Because the Court gave instructions asked for by Deft to
the Jury which by Law ought not to have
been given

4 Because the Courts refused to give
instructions to the Jury which by Las
he ought to have given

5 Because the Judge of the Court under took
to declare the Legal affts of evidence whats
facts certain evidence before them did not
prove its was the of the Jury
alone to determine then the facts assumed
as not proved was proud or not

& for these & reasons the plaintiff moves
the courts to set aside the verdict & grants a
new trial

G AG A Bird BirdG A Bird

attorney for
the plaintiff