Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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VincentVincent a man of Color
James DuncanJames Duncan

Be it remembered that on the trial of the cause
the following is the Substance of the Depositions
read in evidence on the part of the Plaintiff
General Willis HargraveHargrave being produced & annexed
& Sworn on the parts of the plaintiff deposeth
& Saith

Question by Plff atty Did you know the plaintiff VincentVincent
the he has sued for his freedom Answer I do

Question by same Can you describe him?

Answer- yes he is a large black fellow with thick lips I think
about five feet nine or ten inches high I think he had
brothers names not recollected

Question by same. To whom did he belong and by whose authority was
he hired at the SalineSaline Salt Works when you know him

Answer He belonged I think to John or James DuncanJames Duncan as they
were both in the habit of coming to this place, but know nothing
further on that subject than hear say.

Question by same Do you or not know how long he was hired and re

named at any one time in or at the SalineSaline Salt Works
by DuncanDuncan in the State of IllinoisIllinois.

Answer I do not.- he was here several years at different times
but how long at any one time I cannot say the general
rule for living hands at this place was for six months
at a time he has been have as above off and on from 1819
to 1825 but do not recollect of seeing him here since

Question by same Were you or not a resident at the SalineSaline Works at
that time & did you or not know that said VincentVincent was
ever removed from said works until his final removal by
said DuncanDuncan

Answer I was a residence a principal part of the time and they
frequently went home but how often I dont know and
cant say how long or any one time he remained here
Harmeduke S.Ensmigner of lawful age being pro
duced examined & sworn on the part of the plaintiff that
he knew VincentVincent - a negro man who by common report
belong to Duncan of KentuckyKentucky

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Vincent's a black fellow with thick lips & a
scar over one of his eyes- I have known him from 1821 to 1828
inclusion I never knew of his being in in KentuckyKentucky, although
he had been absent from here several weeks at a time
Lee HargraveLee Hargrave of lawfull age being produced sworn & ex
amined on the part of the plaintiff says that he knew
VincentVincent a negro man wherby common upon belonged to
John DuncanJohn Duncan of KentuckyKentucky he VincentVincent is a stout almost
black fellow with thick lips I have known him from
1821 to 1825inclusive I believe he left him in 1823 I think
during that time he went to KentuckyKentucky once but am not
certain of that.

Reason Nighswonger of lawful age being produced
examined and sworn on the part of the plaintiff depend and
says that he has known the plaintif who is here present
for nine or ten years certain. that he knew them the time
the convention set to frame a constitution for the StateIllinois
of IllinoisIllinois. the he knew said plaintif some few days for
that time but does not know how long that the [ plaintif ]
was claimed at that time as the slave of one DuncanDuncan in the
State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky and was hired to week as said SalineSaline
as this affiant understood from a Son of said DuncanDuncan that
that in a conversation between said affiant and a son of said
DuncanDuncan whose name said affiant does not now believe
this affiant proposed to purchase the plaintif and offered him
a mill hallowed at five hundred & fifty dollar for said plain

tif be agreed to take it but that in a conversation
shortly after had with the said son of the said DuncanDuncan he the
said son stated that said plaintif was to be free at his fathers
death and this affiant further states and says that the
said son of the said DuncanDuncan at the time this conversation
took had drank pretty freely and was a little intoxicated
in consequence of this declaration and information in
form Mr.RobertRobert Frankhouse that the plaintif was enti
tled to his freedom this affiant refused to trade for said
plaintiff that this affiant says that he knew the said
plaintiff at the said SalineSaline for above three or four consecutive
years that said plaintiff during that period worked at the
SalineSaline aforesaid, and the greater part of the time with this
affiant who was assisted by said plaintiff in the