Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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for conducting salt water for the furnace that to the best
of the knowledge of this affiant the said plaintif remained
in the State of IllinoisIllinois during this time aforesaid, by three or four
years without leaving said state that said plaintif laboured for
said Frankhouse for better than a year during which time the
deponent was in the employ of said Frankhouse as a Car

penter that said plaintiff was also employed by one RichardsRichards
on that said plaintiff together with one BobBob SmithSmith a black
man a SalineSaline and worked it on their own account for
about two or threethree or four months that the aforenamedRichardsonRichardson
kept a tavern & that the plaintiff remained in his employ
something like two or three weeks

Question by plaintiff- Is your [ recolection ] distinct- as to the date & time
that you have of Answer No! that the time is so long
lape that he cannot recollect

Question by the defendant- Did you know the [ plaintif ] at the time
the convention to for of the State of IllinoisIllinois to form a
Constitution sat?- Answer I know the [ plaintif ] at the
them the constitution sat on in about that time I do not
know who being a him then I understood he was from Ken-
the first time I saw the plaintiff he was at the
SalineSaline tavern and about Hagraves but do not know
in which employ said plaintiff was said [ plaintif ] was working
about said tavern and worked with him many days that
said deponent was emoloyed by said Frankhouse and during that
time[ plaintif ] worked with him the said deponant and
believes the [ plaintif ] was then employed by said Frankhouse
that said deponant does not know whether said plaintiff
was hired by said DuncanDuncan , but that he always understood
it to be so and that the boy worked for himself and [ payed ] for
his time past as I was coming on the road from Ford's
Ferry MrDuncanDuncan and myself I asked him when
he wanted to get his load of salt from he answered he did not
know from what furnance he worked get it but expected
to get it from the plaintif for the said plaintif was
hired and he expected together the salt for his labour

Question by the defendant at what time year when
& where were you in any or
the plaintiff & the first time I saw him
as I can now recollect was at one HargraveHargrave
some short time after the convention

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