Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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Question by Same Where did you see DuncanDuncan get his
Load of Salt Answer at the I
DuncanDuncan with a waggon on the road from
Lords to the Saline Duncan Said to me
that he did not know until he would see
the plaintiff & does not know who the said
DuncanDuncan got his load there or else where
and at that time said plaintiff was working
for himself as said Deponant believed
that this loak place a considerable
time after the convention that the said
DuncanDuncan who I nuts on said road the
[ waggon ] is the same one who offered to sell
me the plaintiff as above stated & which
purchase or contract did not take place
for the reason above mentioned does not
know who brought the plaintiff to the StateIllinois
ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois that he knows of said DuncanDuncan
brining with him in [ waggons ] brandy
apples & other produce to sell at the SalineSaline
lick this is the Same DuncanDuncan who offered
to sell the said plaitiff & Stated that he
was to be free on the death of said Duncans
father this deponent further says that in
or about this time said Deponant worked
at the or [ pipis ] at Frankhouse

Question by Defts How long between the time that the negro & him
worked at the [ pipis ] was the conversation
between him & said DuncanDuncan in buying
the negro - answer I do not recollect but
think it is about our year to the best of my
recollection Question by Same - & How long
was it that you & the plaintiff worked at the
pipes after the Convention answer I do not
recollect but to the last of my knowledge it
was two years.

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WilliamWilliam was produceed as a witness on the part of the plain-
tiff and testified that he [ be came ]acquainted with the plaintiff
about the year 1818 or 1819. that he knew him three or four years
that while he knew him at the time aforesaid he was labouring at
the IllinoisIllinois SalineSaline in the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois that the witness work
ed with the plaintiff as a woodchopper for some time and for
some time the witness [ choped ] wood and the plaintiff the
furnaces that for about two years witness saw the plaintiff
almost daily witness never knew or heard that the plaintiff during
the time aforesaid was absent from the State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois witness does
not know who pretended to own the plaintiff at that time witness does
not know to whom the plaintiff belonged at that time but under
stood from common report that he belonged to one DuncanDuncan of
KentuckyKentucky this deponent frequently saw a man by the name
of DuncanDuncan at the SalineSaline who seemed to exercise a control
over the plaintiff.

Isaac AIsaac A Fletcher was produced and sworn as a witness
on the part of the plaintiff who testified that he became
acquanted with the plaintiff two or three years ago that the
plaintiff was brought into this state as witness understood by John
the defendant and his brotherColeman DuncanColeman Duncan that RobertRobert Duncan
DuncanRobert Duncan came as the agent of said JamesJames and ColemanColeman for the
purpose of hiring the plaintiff to the witness and assumed
the plaintiff to be of bad character and they wished to hire him to
a man who would keep a tight reign over him witness hired the
plaintiff who was in his employ but but one day don't know whether
James DuncanJames Duncan was the owner of him at that time [ of ] not

JamesJames Clemmens Jr a witness sworn on the part of the plaintiff
testified that he became acquainted with the plaintiff four or
five years ago at St LouisSt Louis when the plaintiff has resided ever
since that witness does not know who claimed said plaintiff
as a slave but understand from the plaintiff himself that
he belonged to a Mr DuncanDuncan the plaintiff requested the witness
to watch over him and superintend him the plaintiff worked
for the witness and witness [ payed ] the plaintiff money which
he said he wanted to pay can to his master DuncanDuncan witness
never heard the plaintiff put up any claim to freedom untill
he commended his suit for freedom