Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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DavidDavid E EDavid E . Cuyler sworn as a witness for the plaintiff that
testified that some time about the Commencement of this suit
he went to serve an order upon the defendant that to take the
plaintiff out of the jurisdiction of this court. Witness found
the plaintiff standing in the near above the ox mile in St LouisSt Louis
he was handcuffed and guarded by a man who had a dirk in
his hand and this man stated he was guarding him for the
[ defendand ] witness at the same time saw the defendant in
a canoe in the now MississippiMississippi witness observed that he did
not want to take DuncanDuncan but to an order on him
serve an order on him. Mr
Isaac AIsaac A Fletcher came out of the bush and [ enquired ] whether
there would be any danger in James DuncanJames Duncan coming witness
told him there would not James DuncanJames Duncan was [ enformed ] of this and
came on show and took the negro before the judge of this
court witness thinks that the Services of such a man as the
plaintiff would be worth about a hundred and forty dollars a year
he being found.

The following is the substance of the Depositions taken on
the part of the Defendant & which were read in
by the plaintiff

LeeLee Hargrave HargraveLee Hargrave who being of lawful age and first & duly sworn upon the
Holy evangelist deposeth and sayeth as follows, that in the year 1823
he hired VincentVincent a coloured man be taken for him [ a ] the SalineSaline
he said Vinecnt informed the deponant that he had hired his time
from his master (DuncanDuncan ) and engaged to work six months after
working part of the time he left deponants service and shortly after his
master DuncanDuncan came to the SalineSaline with the intention of taking him.
[ Cent ] home but deponant enganged to go to DuncanDuncan for the
hire that VincentVincent was to pay his master, as for as the wages of the
six months would go, upon that DuncanDuncan agreed to let him stay and VincentVincent
agreed to work on the balance of time shortly after the expiration
of the six months. DuncanDuncan returned again & directed him VincentVincent to
go home to KentuckyKentucky. But he VincentVincent upon one pretence or other
failed to go and as much as two or three times his master was after
him to take him home and to deponant requesting him to hire
person to take him if he would not go of his own accord &
he VincentVincent would make fair promises that he would go and after
wards them and about and upon the whole he was a trif-
ling fellow